Health & Safety

Smart Recruitment Ltd is committed to providing its employees with a Healthy and Safe work environment. We believe in following best practice in the management of safety, health and rehabilitation in the workplace and we will continuously improve best practices to ensure we meet these expectations.

Temp Staff
As an employee of Smart Recruitment you are also responsible to assist us in achieving these goals, therefore, if you have concerns regarding the Health and Safety of the workplace you are in then please complete the form below and a representative from Smart Recruitment will be in touch with you immediately.

As a client of Smart Recruitment it is important that new temporary staff are given a Health and Safety induction and are made aware of the Hazards in the work place. You will find below Smart Recruitment’s Health and Safety Policy for your records. Smart Recruitment Ltd will also ensure a site safety assessment is conducted at your site and a copy of your Health and Safety policy and Hazard register is obtained so that we may also make any potential candidates aware of the work environment they are coming in to.